Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 4, 2013

DayZ Creator Issues Apology After The War Z Fiasco

I think that by now we all know how much of a mess The War Z is. I could ramble on for a good while about the buggy game, the botched Steam release, hacking issues, or abysmal customer support (I think their staff took tips from Ocean Marketing). However, I’m pretty sure you know about all of that, already. You’d have to have been living under a rock not to.

Well, recently Sergey Titov, the creator of The War Z, issued an apology letter to those who purchased the game. It was probably a smart move (if not a bit late), as there is much to apologize for. Now what’s interesting is that the creator of DayZ felt it was the right time for him to also issue an apology.

If you’re confused about The War Z and DayZ, you’re not alone. Avid gamers who follow these particular titles will be able to tell you exactly how very different these two games are (while still being too similar for comfort). The short is that DayZ is a very successful free mod for ARMA II, and The War Z showed up a bit later, looking to be rather similar in design.

So what does DayZ’s Rocket have to apologize for? Not anything as bad as Titov, that’s for sure. Namely, he feels bad for promising to be more communicative, and then going silent. While I’m sure we all would like to hear more regular updates about the standalone game, I’ll just be happy to see a nice, polished game in the end.


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