Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 23, 2013

Dead Space 3 Will Include Micro-Transactions For Better Weapons

Over the past few years micro-transactions have been both a bane and a boon on the gaming industry. Most of the time these transactions would only allow you to buy costumes, new levels, and characters for your game. Other times, however, companies offer up weapons and armor available for purchase with real-world money, a practice that many gamers (including myself) call foul.

Well folks, it looks like Dead Space 3 is doing that very thing. Eurogamer revealed that if you haven’t been able to find enough materials in the world to construct a gun, or if you’re just too lazy to do it, you’ll be able to purchase packs of in-game currency to use in crafting instead. At this time the prices for the currency packs are unknown.

There is one small bit of good news about all this, however: you won’t be able to just purchase the biggest and best guns at the beginning of the game, unless you’re playing New Game Plus. According to associate producer Yara Khoury certain weapon parts will only become available as you advance through the game. I suppose it’s a little better than joining a multiplayer game only to breeze through the whole thing because your teammate happens to have Daddy’s credit card and bought the best gun as soon as it was possible.


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