Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 2, 2013

Direct Video Uploads Coming To Dead Or Alive 5 Soon

Back in the day if you wanted to record an epic match in a game you were pretty much required to come up with some complicated video capture equipment. Not only would could it be confusing for the Everyday Joe, but often times it would be expensive as well, from the price of the equipment itself to the fact that many of the gaming companies themselves weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of their intellectual property being up for grabs online. That’s all started to change over the last few years, however, as many games now have the ability to upload videos or replays of games right up to the internet.

Now it looks like Dead or Alive 5 will soon be another game to offer such a feature. That’s because it was revealed on Monday through Team Ninja’s twitter that the game will offer direct video uploads of matches in the game’s next patch, Ver. 1.03. The Xbox 360 version will be able to upload videos to Facebook, but the PS3 gets the option of uploading not only to Facebook but also YouTube as well.

That’s not the only feature being added to this patch. Though a full patch list has yet to be release yet, we do know that you’ll be able to search for matches by connection quality, meaning that you shouldn’t be stuck having to play against somebody 2000 miles away from you if you so choose. Throwdowns will also be added to ranked matches in this patch.


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