Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 15, 2013

Dueling To Be Added To Diablo III In Next Patch

Diablo III has been a bit of a disappointment for fans of Diablo II. One of the biggest things that people were interested in for Diablo III was PvP, which was to come in the form of the Arena. Sadly, that never materialized, but it looks like things are finally starting to look up a little bit when it comes to PvP.

Patch 1.0.7 will soon be on the public test realm, and in that patch comes one of the most clamored for additions to the game: dueling. Dueling will be pretty straightforward. All you do is go up to Nek The Brawler at the inn in New Tristram, and when you speak with him you and your party will be transported to the Scorched Chapel, a new zone that’s specifically for player combat. Inside the custom geometry of the Scorched Chapel you’ll find four different areas: the church itself, the graveyard, the river, and the lake. There are no individual teams in the Chapel, as it’s all going to be a huge free for all.

There will be no scores or objectives in the zone, or even any types of rewards. It’s meant to be dueling at its simplest, and despite the fact that you can die in the dueling zone it will have no negative effects for you: you’ll take no durability damage in the zone, and even if you’re a hardcore character you won’t be permanently killed if you happen to lose your duel. With that being said, though, Blizzard won’t be going out of the way to make sure that characters are completely balanced. Indeed, some characters and builds are going to be naturally better than others in dueling, and that’s just going to be the way it goes.


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