Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 24, 2013

God Of War: Ascension Also Comes With The Last Of Us Demo

The Last of Us was first revealed during E3 last year, and from what little we saw it was fantastic. Set in a post-pandemic United States, the game is about Joel and Ellie trying to make their way across the country while having to fend off scavengers, the US military, and the Infected, people who were infected with a fungus 20 years ago and are essentially zombies. The game play has an emphasis on “dynamic stealth”, meaning that there are multiple strategies for taking out enemies depending on your play style.

The game won’t come out until May 7th, which is admittedly a long time to wait for an awesome looking game like this. Luckily, however, Ubisoft will have a demo for this game, and the first game you can find this demo in will be God of War: Ascension. There is a catch, however.

The catch is that while the game will be coming to God of War: Ascension players, it won’t be on the disc. Instead, those players will merely be the first ones to have access to the demo. All that you have to do is find the listing for The Last of Us on the main menu of the game you’ll get instructions on how you can obtain the demo. Hopefully the wait won’t be too long!


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