Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 24, 2013

Hands-On With Mad Catz GameSmart Devices [CES 2013]

Mobile gaming seemed to be one of the biggest things pushed at CES this year. Just look at what Nvidia and Razer (along with a host of other companies) were showing off. Mat Catz also appeared to have caught the mobile gaming bug, because they were showing off their new GameSmart devices.

As we told you in our earlier coverage, GameSmart Technology is part of an initiative by Mad Catz to make gaming devices compatible with a host of mobile platforms. This means buying one controller, or even mouse and having it work on your laptop, iPad, and Android phone. Pretty cool, right?

While visiting their booth at CES Unveiled (an event held just before the opening of CES), we got to chat with Alex Verrey, the Global PR Manager for Mad Catz. Check out the video below where he walks us through the new product lineup, featuring GameSmart Technology.


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