Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 29, 2013

Junction Point, The Studio Behind Epic Mickey, Has Shut Down

If you were a fan of the Epic Mickey games then I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. The studio who made the series, Junction Point, has been shit down. Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 were the only 2 games that the studio developed.

According to Disney the closing is part of their effort “to address the fast-evolving gaming platforms and marketplace and to align resources against our key priorities.” So what does that mean in English? Simply put it means that the studio just wasn’t making enough money and Disney’s vision of the future didn’t include the kind of games that Junction Point made.

With Disney’s new project Disney Infinity in full swing, it’s not surprising to see projects like Epic Mickey getting discarded. After all, the whole point of Disney Infinity is that all the worlds and characters are interconnected, not unlike a giant toy box where you can buy new characters and worlds that come out. And when you consider the fact that Epic Mickey 2 was a flop, selling 270K copies in the same time period that the original sold 1.3 million copies, it was only a matter of time before Disney pulled the plug in order to focus elsewhere.


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