Posted by Marianne Miller on Jan 28, 2013

Meet Cryamore, An Indie Tale of Steampunk, Science, and Sass

Cryamore is the latest indie game to throw its hat into the Kickstarter arena asking for fan financing.  It’s an Action-Adventure RPG that “takes the best facets out of yesteryear’s gaming, like inventive puzzles, well-balanced action gameplay, quirky story, hand-drawn backgrounds, and gorgeous pixel art”.  A video can be seen on the kickstarter page that introduces the three main characters, Esmy, Bliss and Braxton (voiced by me!), as well as gives a breakdown on the world itself.

What is Cryamore, you ask?  Alan and Rob, the game’s creators, are glad you asked.  As seen on the page–

Cryamore is about a spunky bookworm who goes by the name of Esmyrelda MaximusCryamore is a mineral discovered by her early settlers on Noka Island to replace the now-ancient steam-powered technology. It was later found out that they could be used as elemental catalysts to power a wide variety of things, even humans.

But this is causing an imbalance on the island, causing monsters to appear out of nowhere and sapping the town’s resources. Since Esmy (the nickname she prefers to be called) is passionate and a good candidate for Cryamore research, she’s commissioned by the Town Council Chief to search for alternate Cryamore resources, which spirals into a much more ominous dilemma.

Cryamore has a strong team of developers, designers, and illustrators working on it, with many of them having experience working with companies like Namco-Bandai or Capcom, as well as with the smash hit Skullgirls, a fighting game released last year that has overwhelmed the internet with buzz.

Cryamore features a bold anime style with bright colors and static backgrounds, bringing a retro feel to it that is enhanced by the pixelated character models.  It’s cute, quirky dialog promises an amusing handful of hours at the least.

Backers of the game have quiet a few interesting rewards to choose from, spanning from the normal fare of a copy of the game, soundtrack or artbook all the way to resin-casted figures of the lady protagonists and the chance to design an elemental monster for the game!

Check out the video and all the information on Cryamore here!  And if you wouldn’t mind throwing a few bucks its way… that’d be great.  I like to get paid.

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