Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 22, 2013

Next PlayStation To Launch After The Next Xbox? [Rumor]

When it comes to rumors about new consoles, the only consistent thing is that information is never consistent. Last week we talked a bit about how the rumor out there was that the “PS4” might end up being released before Microsoft’s next creation, possibly even in October. Now it’s looking like this might not be the case, based off of what CEO Kaz Hirai said.

According to Kaz, Sony might not be as thrilled to make the first move as other people may think. Part of the hesitation comes because of a fear that Microsoft can “look at your specifications and come up with something better”. That seems like a reasonable enough fear, I suppose, except for the fact that it seems like the amount of time between when the PS4 and the next Xbox releases may only be a month at most, which is not nearly enough time to change or improve the innards of a console.

Of course, Sony doesn’t want to let Microsoft release their console too early. After all, that was part of the reason why the Xbox 360 had such an advantage over the PS3 in this past console generation, as the 360 had a head start of about a year. This time around, however, I’d expect that both consoles will be coming out within a month of each other, essentially negating the advantage of an early release date.


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