Posted by Derek Smith on Jan 28, 2013

Sony’s ‘Orbis’ Specifications Supposedly Leaked [Rumor]

Orbis Concept

With the release of the Wii U, the race to the ‘next gen’ is officially on. There has been a huge outcry of consumers who just don’t believe the Wii U is powerful enough, and are waiting for the true ‘next gen’ efforts from Nintendo’s major competitors, Sony and Microsoft. One week ago, the ladies and gentlemen over at VGleaks broke the story of what they believed to be Microsoft’s ‘Durango’ specifications. They promised in that article that they would deliver Sony’s ‘Orbis’ specs within weeks. Monday, they did just that.

A lot of what VGleaks has reported is in line with previous rumors. Things such as the rumor of the Orbis running eight low-clocking (1.6GHz) cores, 4GB of RAM (though it is not specified whether or not it is DDR3), AMD’s “Southern Islands” architecture powering the GPU (the technology running the 7xxx series), etc. are all at least somewhat in keeping with the details being discussed in current rumor mills. Sadly, VGleaks’ Orbis article is not nearly as comprehensive as their above specifications for Microsoft’s Durango. That being said, it’s still great to have a look at what could potentially be ‘next gen’ hardware. Many are skeptical as to how well ‘next gen’ is going to do considering how dated current consoles have become after such a long life cycle.

To be perfectly honest, there aren’t many differences in the CPUs of the leaked specifications for both prospective consoles. The GPU for the Orbis is more powerful, running at 1.8 trillion floating point operations versus the Durango’s 1.2 trillion. Things like bluray drives, HDD size, etc. are all relatively the same. The real sticking point is the use of RAM between the two machines. It would be disingenuous to make any assumptions about performance for consumers, though. Technical specifications only get you so far without knowledge of the software driving the machine. This is evident in OS and game performance on current generation consoles.

Are you worried about these specifications? Are early technical specifications a selling point for you? Let us know in the comments!


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