Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 25, 2013

OUYA Controller Is Getting A Redesign

When you start to work on something for the first time ever there are bound to be some mistakes, especially when it comes to making a new video game console. Some companies might tell the consumer to suck it up, that this is the design we’re going to go with. Other developers are a bit more open to constructive criticism, however, like the people behind the OUYA.

It turns out that the OUYA’s controller needed quite a bit of refining to it, thanks to feedback from different game developers, and the developers for the console are more than happy to do it. Instead of using a flat, disc-like D-pad they’ve changed it so that it has a cross-shape in order to help maximize the precision and accuracy of the D-pad. The thumbsticks have gotten a change as well, as they now have a rubberized top to give better traction.

They’re also going to make the touch pad more responsive, and noted that in the settings you can set the cursor speed to the fastest level to get the most response out of it. The triggers will become more flush with the body of the controller, and the battery bay is being made to have a more snug fit with the controller. All in all, it’s nice to hear of a group that instead of telling its fans “tough” when it comes to poor design they instead decide to actually fix it!


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