Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 22, 2013

PS4 To Do Away With The DualShock Controller [Rumor]

It’s pretty easy to say that the most successful controller of all time has to go to Sony’s DualShock. Introduced back in 1997, the DualShock has been emulated numerous times in one way or another, and it is renowned for its simplicity and ability to do more complex functions, thanks in part to its various shoulder buttons. In fact, when Sony tried to replace the DualShock with the much-derided “Boomerang” controller gamers threw such a fit that Sony had little choice but to change it back.

It looks like the 16 year reign of the DualShock is finally coming to an end, however. According to CVG, Sony may be abandoning the familiar design for their next console. Instead, according to CVG’s studio source the new controller has undergone many different iterations, and only a few of those versions even resemble the DualShock.

So what might the next controller look like? At this point it’s unknown, though it appears that Sony’s next major controller may include biometric sensors on the grips and even an LCD touch screen, and it’s even been suggested that the PS Vita’s user interface is playing a key role in the development of the new controller. It seems to me that Sony has taken some ideas off of the Nintendo Wii U, if I do say so myself.


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