Posted by Zac MacDonald on Jan 21, 2013

Renaissance Heroes Beta Looks Pretty Awesome

Do you like the Renaissance? Of course you do, it was one of the most pivotal times in human history. Do you also love guns? Well guess what, they probably did back in 16th century Europe, too. Along with large battles in grand coliseums with…air pressure launch pads…Okay maybe this game isn’t 100% historically accurate, but it looks like a lot of fun. What game am I talking about? Why, Renaissance Heroes, of course. The Beta of which launches January 22nd.

What’s special about this game, aside from the amusing concept, is the fact that the two week beta is having special events, prizes, and to top it off, no data wipe. That’s right, get in early, and you can have a nice advantage when the game launches for realsies. For a full list of the benefits, check out the press release.

Or this video.

Renaissance Heroes is being published by ChangYou.com. Based in Santa Clara, California, ChangYou.com operates GameFuse, a fledgling game site that offers free-to-play games for your enjoyment. These games include Totem, Dungeon Viva, DDTank Champions, and of course, Renaissance Heroes. For more information about these games, or to sign up for the Renaissance Heroes beta, head on over to GameFuse.


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