Posted by Eric Barr on Jan 11, 2013

SimulView Takes Splitscreen Into the Future

The year is 1997. Two kids are duking it out in “The Facility” with rocket launchers on. It’s a game of who can spot the other first. Tensions run high when suddenly… “You looked at my screen!” *Wham* Yet another bruised shoulder earned by looking at the other players section of the screen to learn their location.

Kids in the future won’t ever have to worry about that kind of temptation. By making clever use of 3d technology companies like Sony are now making televisions and games that lets each player see their own individual view of the screen, private from other players. Sony showed off an 84″ Ultra HD/4K that will retail around $24,999 later in the year that knocked the socks off of everyone that saw it with all its pixels and SimulView split-screen technology. Using 3d technology to provide a split-screen experience without needing to share any screen space. Chris has to stay in Vegas an extra day just to find his socks, after which he’s likely to provide even more details.

The future is awesome and this technology will only get better and even less obtrusive to consumers over the next few years. While the cost may be ridiculous right now, what is important is that this technology even exists and shows that there is still a lot of room for evolving the television beyond just a simple displayer of images.

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