Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 21, 2013

Skyrim DLC Coming To PS3 (Finally!)

The PS3 has really been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to Skyrim. From numerous problems with the game at launch, to the complete lack of DLC, especially compared to the PC and Xbox 360 versions, it’s really gotten a lot of PS3 Skyrim fans angry. There is finally some good news for the beleaguered PS3 masses, however!

Bethesda revealed on Friday that the PS3 will finally be getting all the DLC that they’ve so far have missed out on. Starting sometime in February the Dragonborn DLC will arrive to the PSN, followed by Hearthfire, and then finally Dawnguard. While it’s a little weird that they’re going in opposite order, I wouldn’t be one to complain, especially since Dawnguard was first released for the 360 back in July.

Bethesda knows that they’ve screwed up, and want to help fix it. In an effort to help appease the PS3 masses Bethesda will be making the DLC 50% off during their launch week. While it won’t make up for the heartache that PS3 owners have endured, the sale will at least help make the pain on your wallet a little more palpable. That is, if there are any PS3 Skyrim players left…

The exact date when Dragonborn will come out for the PS3 is unknown. However, seeing that the PC version is set to come out on February 5th, I’d bet that PS3 version would come out right around then as well.


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