Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 24, 2013

Team Ninja Releases Broken Dead Or Alive 5 Patch

Nobody is perfect, especially game developers. After releasing the 1.03 patch forDead or Alive 5 on January 22nd, it quickly became known that there was a problem with the patch. What ended up happening was that a bug was introduced that affected how stagger escapes work, which “prevents users from enjoying the intended design of DOA5.”

The PS3 version of the game is the only one that’s being affected by this faulty patch, as the Xbox 360 version of the game wasn’t due to get the patch until next week. However, because of the faulty patch that release is being delayed until next month. At the same time, Team Ninja is now trying their best to develop a corrected PS3 patch, and plan on having it released in February as well.

It’s a little mind-boggling that such a patch ended up making it through quality control and out into the public. Whether it’s warranted or not this could hurt the reputation of the developer, because quite frankly this was a problem that should have been caught a long time ago. I’m guessing though that this is a lesson that many in Team Ninja will take to heart, to always check their work.


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