Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 3, 2013

The War Z Creator Issues Appology Letter To Players

The War Z  has not has not cultivated for itself a good reputation, and deservedly so by many people’s accounts. After all, from a lack of promised features to a development studio that has seemingly brushed away any criticisms, the game doesn’t exactly have anybody left who’s willing to defend it. Even Valve isn’t standing behind this game, as they pulled War Z from Steam because of the tons of claims of “misleading advertising” among other issues.

The problems have become so bad that even executive producer Sergey Titov has admitted that the game isn’t exactly living up to expectations. In an open letter, he said that the failures in communication with players have come from the fact that he was “arrogant and blinded by the early success ofThe War Z”. He goes on to say that the failure for the game in general came about because he chose to focus on the big picture of turning the game into a large online venture, when what he should have been focusing on was the issues and problems with the game.

Titov goes on to say that development of the various features of the game will be “more transparent”, and that he hopes the people will give the game a second chance. “I do believe that we aren’t even close to uncovering the true potential for The War Z, and I hope that in the coming year, we’ll be able to regain trust from people who were alienated by our actions and we’ll be able to move forward and grow the game together.” Only time will tell if he’s serious about turning over a new leaf for the company.


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