Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 30, 2013

There’s A Reason Why You Haven’t Heard About Prince Of Persia For Awhile…

ThePrince of Persia series has been around for a good long while, a little over 20 years to be exact. At first the games came out slowly, with only 3 games in the series for its first 10 years. Since then, however, there’s been 7 brand new games, and that’s not taking into account the various ports and collections that have been released in that time either.

So why is it that there’s been no new news about the series in the last 3 years? According to an interview that IGN had with Ubisoft Montreal’s CEO Yannis Mallat, the game has currently been “paused” while they try to come up with some new ideas. He goes on to say that fans shouldn’t be worried about the fate of the series, as sometimes Ubisoft likes to let games have a time to rest before they put out the next one.

I can’t say I blame him either. After all, if a company keeps pumping out the same franchise year in and year out it’s going to get stale real quick (cough Call Of Duty cough). Hopefully by the time a team starts working on the next game in the series they’ll be able to come in with fresh, new ideas that can really take the franchise to a whole new level!


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