Posted by Derek Smith on Jan 23, 2013

THQ No More: This is Who Bought Their Stuff

THQ was in some trouble, you guys. So much trouble, in fact, that they had no chance of escaping. So they decided to sell their studios and assets. This is who bought what:

  • Sega has purchased Relic for 26M.
  • Ubisoft has purchased Montreal and the South Park distribution for 2.5M and 3.2M, respectively.
  • Take-Two has purchased Evolve for 11M.
  • Koch Media (owner of Deep Silver) has purchased Volition and Metro for 22.3M and 5.8M, respectively.
  • Crytek has purchased Homefront for 500k.
  • Vigil did not receive any formal bids, and is being dissolved according to reports from employees on twitter.

You can find a letter from Brian Ferrell and Jason Rubin to THQ staff here (thanks, Kotaku).

Hit the Source button below to get up to date information about prices and bids for THQ properties.


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