Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 21, 2013

Too Human Pulled From Xbox Marketplace

If for some reason you were wanting to download Silicon Knights’Too Human, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. The game and all its associated content has been pulled from the Xbox Marketplace. The reason for its demise, however, has nothing to do with anything like poor sales, or a lack of support, but rather it has to do with a court case.

When Silicon Knights was developing the game they reported that Epic Games had failed to provide them with a working game engine. So they did the only thing they could do, and that was to sue Epic Games because of all the problems they had with the game. Epic Games counter-sued, however, by saying that Silicon Knights had breached their licensing agreement by misappropriating trade secrets and infringing on numerous copyrights.

The court sided with Epic Games on this one, and as part of a $4 million judgement Silicon Knights was also ordered to recall and destroy any remaining unsold copies ofToo Human and other games that used the infringing code, all while having to pay the costs to do so. The removal of the game from the Xbox Marketplace is just the latest chapter of this saga, one that is probably a lot cheaper for the company than the recall of tons of discs, but it still probably stings for Silicon Knights. At this point it hasn’t been explicitly said if the removal of the game from the Xbox Marketplace includes removal from the Xbox’s of people who already purchased a digital copy, but if I had to guess those people who bought that version of the game are safe. Just hope that your hard drive on your Xbox doesn’t short out, because otherwise you’ll won’t be able to re-download the game again.


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