Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 12, 2013

Batman Arkham City Sequel Coming In 2013

One of my favorite franchises to pop up in the last few years is the Batman Arkham series. Arkham Asylum is really one of the first good Batman games I can remember playing. Naturally, with any good series, people look forward to seeing the next game. Well, in this particular case, we may be seeing the Caped Crusader by the end of the year.

Thanks to an investor call from Time Warner, the company confirmed the release of another Batman title. Specifically, CFP John K. Martin said “And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013. And with a little luck, the year should be as good or maybe even a little bit better than 2012.”

What’s interesting is that according to VG247, Rocksteady will not be developing this next title. I’m guessing it’s because they’re hard at work on a Justice League game. There isn’t any word on just who might be taking over the role. With the change in developers, one can only wonder how the overall style and gameplay will be. Arkham City did a nice job of keeping the same feel that Asylum had, but still adding enough new variety that it didn’t just feel like the same game, set in a different area. We’ll keep you posted when more information becomes available.



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