Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 20, 2013

Far Cry 3 Getting Some New Features, Including A Higher Difficulty Level

Replayability has always been important when it comes to a game, and that’s no exception for Far Cry 3. And more replayability is just what Ubisoft is giving everybody in the next few patches for the game! According to Ubisoft, they’ve been taking suggestions and feedback from players about how they can improve the game, and here’s what they’re planning on doing.

In the single player, Ubisoft is planning on adding a new difficulty setting, Master. To unlock it will be “simple” enough: just beat the game on Adventurer, Survivor, or Warrior and the new difficulty level will be unlocked. Ubisoft is also giving you the ability to reset outposts from the gameplay options menu, once you’ve completed the game and conquered all the outposts the first time about. Be careful, though: once you reset all the outposts, all incomplete side missions and quests become hidden, and will stay hidden until you’ve conquered the outposts again.

The multiplayer will be getting some features in the upcoming patches as well, most of them centered around user-created maps. For instance, the feedback system has been expanded to give more information to the map makers, and they’re even adding a beta map testing and spectating features for map makers, where the creators will get feedback from players who help beta test the map. Other new features that will be included include an option to search for maps by a certain author, a new and improved “skip map” voting system, and they’re even disabling the idle kick in private and custom matches, for multiplayer and Co-Op.

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