Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 13, 2013

GameStop Says 60% Of Customers Won’t Buy Console That Blocks Used Games

There have been rumors going up and down the grapevine that the next Xbox will have a system in place that will prevent used copies of games from being played. And while it might seem suicidal for a company to even consider locking out used games from its system, the fact remains that these rumors have not disappeared. There’s a very real chance that Microsoft is seriously considering limiting the use of used games.

If Microsoft does decide to go that route, however, they better be prepared to lose a large chunk of their base. According to a survey GameStop conducted about 60% of customers won’t buy a new console if it blocks used games. That would probably spell doom for Microsoft’s next Xbox, especially since it seems like Sony’s next console isn’t going to go with any sort of used game ban.

If GameStop’s numbers are right, though, I have to imagine that the company will be alright if the next console really does ban used games on it. After all, you have to think that a good portion of that 60% percent would just go ahead and buy Sony’s next PlayStation instead, giving GameStop plenty of used games to work with. Still, though, I’d have to guess that GameStop would rather have 2 consoles to sell used games for rather than 1.


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