Posted by Zac MacDonald on Feb 27, 2013

Get Excited, Remember Me Has A Release Date

Remember Me is one of the rarest things in this age of gaming, new IP. Or should I say Triple A new IP, as there are always handfuls of indie games with new ideas and things to bring to the table. If you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps just in a place where you haven’t really had much interaction with gaming news, Remember Me is an upcoming 3rd person action platformer based in a cyberpunk alternate future, where memory modification is a thing that happens, and I’m friggin excited about it. There’s also a new trailer that reveals some more information about the game’s plotline:

The guy at the 8-second mark is totally wearing Crocs, now you can’t unsee it.

From what the trailer shows, it seems they borrowed pretty heavily from The Matrix for some of the set-up, but what excites me the absolute most is Nilin showed a sliver of emotion in the trailer. I keep saying this, but if you pay any attention to me outside of GamerFront, you’ll note I had a video explaining that, from all I’ve seen of Remember Me until this point, Nilin had only ever been angry. This would not have ended up working out character-development wise, as a range of emotions is necessary to show humanity. Now that she’s shown a bit of remorse, which is an emotion that no amount of polygons could have convinced me she was feeling, my worries have mostly been alleviated. I would personally like to take credit for the inclusion of emotions. You’re welcome.

Remember Me, being developed by DONTNOD entertainment and published by Capcom, is set to be released this June 4th in North America, and June 7th in Europe on PS3, X360 and PC, with nothing of a WiiU or PS4 port being mentioned as of yet. Don’t get your hopes up, though. Currently, there is no news about an Asian release, and Australia…well, we can probably expect them to get the short end of the stick as usual. Sorry guys, I know it’s lame. Assume preorders will be announced soon, with those just wonderful bonuses we all absolutely love that incentivise us into choosing one retailer over the next. I’m not sure if you guys can tell that I’m being sarcastic or not, so I’m going to point it out that I was.

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