Posted by Martin Billany on Feb 27, 2013

New Tomb Raider Launch Trailer Says There’s A Survivor In All Of Us

There has been a bit of hubbub surrounding the upcoming Tomb Raider game. It’s taking a well-known busty bamf of a lady and trying to explain how she came into being. That’s all good and well, but they made a few mistakes along the way (read here to know what I’m talking about).

While they seemed to jump back and forth with how Croft is supposed to be perceived, the most recent trailer is trying to appeal to all of us. The message is empowering everyone to know that you too, have a little bit of a survivor in you. This is trying to make Lara appeal to a wider audience rather than being the helpless half-wit that you need to protect.

This commercial has improved my view of the game. However, I don’t know if I can get over the squeaks and whining that make her seem absolutely pathetic from the first gameplay I ever saw for this. Maybe this won’t be annoying after all?

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