Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 8, 2013

Oh Hey, Another Call Of Duty Is Coming Out This Year

For close to a decade now there’s been a new Call of Duty every year. At first it was all about World War II, and it’s easy to say that the first couple of Call of Duty’s are the games that really turned me on to the whole first person shooter genre of gaming. Of course, as you’re all aware, since the advent it’s been pretty much all about Modern Warfare and Black Ops, and while it was cool at first, it’s really begun to get stale in my opinion.

Well folks, for those of you who are sick of the Call of Duty bandwagon, I’m afraid I have some bad news. Coming off of one of its most successful years on record, Activision has gone on record and said that there will be a new Call of Duty game “to raise that bar even higher.” At this time there are no other details that have been announced.

Of course, given the fact that last year’s Call of Duty was done by Treyarch, I’m willing to bet that this year’s iteration is done by Infinity Ward. It’ll probably be set in the near future. And not only that, but it’ll probably have Russians and Middle Easterners as the bad guys. Of course, with the fact that China was in this past election cycle, and also the fact that North Korea has been rattling their sabers a lot lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if Infinity Ward decides to “shake things up” a bit, and maybe make East Asians the bad guys this time.

You know, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Asians as antagonists. If Infinity Ward wants to branch out for once, and do something different, maybe they can go back into the past. Only this time, instead of covering WWII, maybe they can cover the Korean War and explore just how different the world has changed in the scant 5 years since the fall of the Third Reich. It could address issues of what it means to be an American in a time where we are the supreme technological power, where the rest of the world is envious and resentful of us having The Bomb. It could really do something great, and get people excited about a Call of Duty game again.

But, let’s be honest here folks, that’s not likely to happen. We’ll be sure to get you any more information on the next Call of Duty as soon as it comes out.


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