Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 12, 2013

Rayman Legends Developers Protest The Game’s Delay

Imagine that you’ve worked hard on developing a game, and it’s slated to be launched soon, only to find out that the publisher has decided to delay it for several months. Now imagine that the delay is simply to line up with the release on two other consoles. Well this exact thing happened to the developers of Rayman Legends, when parent company Ubisoft decided to push back the release all the way until September of this year.

Naturally, a lot of people were upset about this. The Wii U only has a few good titles out, and Rayman Legends was one that gamers were really looking forward to. Even Gabe from Penny Arcade has been attempting to bribe Ubisoft with cake, to release the game on time. But what’s really interesting is that the game’s own developers have taken a stand, as well.

You can see here that Rayman creator Michel Ancel and members of the Rayman Legends dev team have actually started protesting the delay of the game. Their banner says “Sortez nous Rayman. Soutient a Ubi Montpellier.”, which translates to “Release Rayman. Support Ubisoft Montpellier.” Even the picture of Rayman is saying “please,” with a tear running down his face.

So far, Ubisoft has been pretty quiet about the whole incident. Their only response has been to release a new demo for the game. A new demo doesn’t really make up for the fact the game is finished, and was originally due at the end of this month.



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