Posted by Marianne Miller on Feb 22, 2013

Season Pass Announced For Bioshock Infinite

2K Games announced yesterday that it would be releasing a “Season Pass” alongside its newest title, Bioshock Infinite, to allow players to save money on upcoming DLC for the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Irrational Games will be developing three DLC packs following Infinite’s release for the first person shooter.  No specific details regarding the content of the add-ons has been released.

The Season Pass will sell for $19.99 (or 1600 Xbox Live points) and will include the three aforementioned packs.  Those who pre-order the season pass will be gifted the “Early Bird Special Pack”, which 2K says will include weapon upgrades, gold weapon skins, and infusion bottles that will allow players to upgrade their abilities.  Pre-orders for the game itself will also be rewarded with an “Industrial Revolution Pack”, which includes 3 ability-boosting items, extra in-game cash and lockpicking items.

Bioshock Infinite will be hitting store shelves on March 26th.

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