Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 1, 2013

Sony’s Next PlayStation To Be Revealed In Late February? [Rumor]

For months we’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors about the next PlayStation from Sony. From potential specs to features and even controller designs we’ve been able to get an idea that the next console is going to be bigger and badder than ever. Unfortunately we’ve only been able to gleam vague generalities about when Sony might officially announce the console, and reveal it to the public.

According to this teaser trailer, however, there’s a good chance that we might get the first official look at the next PlayStation this month. The 45 second trailer doesn’t show anything, really, except for energy and lightning dancing over the familiar button shapes, and at the end we see a date: February 20, 2013. Let’s be honest, why would Sony tease a date like that if they weren’t going to make a huge announcement?

The event itself will occur at 6 PM, and according to Kotaku it’ll be hosted in New York City. That also puts it ahead of the company’s Destination PlayStation event by about 5 days, so I’m guessing that at that point once we’ve gotten over the new look of the system we’ll be able to see some of the awesome stuff that will be coming out at launch. All in all, it’s going to be an interesting month, to say the least!


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