Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 6, 2013

The Ouya Will Be Making Its Way To Stores

If you’ve been thinking about buying an Ouya when it comes out but don’t feel like forking over the money before testing it first then you’re in luck! It was announced yesterday that the Ouya will be sold in stores starting this June. You’ll be able to pick up your Ouya, if you so choose, from Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and even Amazon if you so choose!

Those who were on board the Kickstarter from the start will find that they’ll be getting their Ouya much soon, in March to be exact. People who missed the Kickstarter but have since then backed the new console through the www.ouya.tv website will get their Ouya by April. At this point there are over 68,000 consoles on order, and according to CEO Julie Uhrman more are being ordered every day.

If you’re not aware, price for the hardware is actually pretty darn cheap. The console (which comes with a controller) is $99.99, a real steal when you consider that many consoles go for $300 or so when they first come out, and sometimes even more than that. The price for extra controllers, sadly, are at about the same price point as other controllers on the market: $49.99. But, with that being said, this is a controller that has a touchpad on it that’s similar to the back of the PS Vita.

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