Posted by Marianne Miller on Feb 21, 2013

Watch Dogs Confirmed For Playstation 4 And WiiU

At the Sony event yesterday afternoon, it was announced by Ubisoft’s founder Yves Guillemot that Watch Dogs would be coming to PS4, showing off a new gameplay trailer at the event, embedded below.  It was later confirmed by Eurogamer that Ubisoft announced a WiiU release as well.

Watch Dogs, arguably one of the best games shown at 2012’s E3 event, features a protagonist that uses the technology that surrounds him to sneak past police or through obstacles.  The new gameplay video demonstrates how far you can go in the open world when it comes to technological manipulation, whether it means hacking bank accounts or ATMs, or causing electrical equipment to overload during a chase to slow down a criminal.

Watch Dogs will still be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC as well when it hits store shelves around Christmas time.

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