Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 8, 2013

EA Disabling Non-Critical Features In SimCity To Improve Stability

As most of you are well aware, SimCity has been a bit of a disappointment. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game, when I can get through the servers, is pretty damn good. Indeed, when I’ve been online I’ve found myself lost for hours at a time trying to building a metropolis the likes which have been never seen before.

Unfortunately it’s been a real pain to get online, and EA is working on it. For right now, they’re going to try out a temporary solution: they’re taking down non-critical features, such as the leaderboards, achievements, and region filters. As of the time of this writing, however, the temporary fix still hasn’t exactly relieved any congestion.

Luckily, EA is also implementing a more permanent fix in the next day or 2. That’s because they will be rolling out more servers for people to jump on to and relieve the stress from the few currently available. I have to ask though, why didn’t they have more servers up in the first place? You’d think that EA would have seen the problems Blizzard had with Diablo III last year and have done something to head off those problems at the pass, but apparently not. Hopefully by the time the weekend starts I’ll be able to log in and play and not be stuck waiting for hours at a time.


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