Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 11, 2013

EA Is Offering A Free Game To SimCity Players

With all the problems EA has been having with SimCity this past week, it’s pretty obvious that the launch has been a bit of a disaster. Long server wait times, and even drops from the game have made what is honestly a good game nigh unplayable. What can EA do to fix this problem? Most companies would probably stick their heads in the sand and say that “NOTHING IS WRONG, IT’S WORKING EXACTLY AS IT IS INTENDED TO WORK.”

Luckily, EA will not be doing that approach. Instead, they’re looking to help make it up to their fans by offering a “free PC download game from the EA portfolio”. All you have to do is have the game registered to your Origin account by March 18th and on that date EA will send out an email to tell you how to redeem it.

It’s not known as to what games will be given for free. For all we know it could be open to any game that EA has made that’s on Origin. But even if it’s limited to just a few games, at least EA is trying to do something to help get themselves back in the gamers good graces. Of course, the best way to get themselves into our good graces is to get rid of the online-only requirement.


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