Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 6, 2013

Expect To See Prototypes Of Valve’s Steam Box Within The Next Few Months

Valve has been known for doing things differently. From their lack of an internal hierarchy, to the fact that they seem to genuinely like gamers, Valve seems to have found a way to not only make tons of money, but also do it without selling their soul. That’s why there are so many people excited about the Steam Box, Valve’s first attempt at getting in on the console market.

And believe me, from what Gabe Newell said at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Games Awards (BAFTA) there’s plenty to be excited about. According to him, Valve will be giving out prototypes of the Steam Box to customers in the next three to four months for testing. In a way that makes sense when you consider the fact that the Steam Box is meant more to run games off of your PC, so it’s not as if they’re giving out a PS4 or Wii U. Instead, it’s just another regular PC, albeit one that’s been tweaked a little bit for the living room.

So far the only thing that’s really keeping them from sending out the prototypes is the controller. After all, they want to explore the possibility of using sensors in the controllers in order to measure how the player is reacting. Once they get all that figured out, however, it’ll only be a matter of time until we start hearing from lucky fans who got emails from Valve telling them they got a Steam Box coming there way.


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