Posted by Marianne Miller on Mar 21, 2013

Interview With Mass Effect’s Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer

I recently had the fortune to be an invited guest at MomoCon for my work in voiceover alongside great actors like Steve Blum, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates, and some smelly dude named Littlekuriboh.  But among the ranks of voice actor guests were also two talents near and dear to our hearts here at GamerFront, Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale — or as you may know them, Commander Shepard and… Commander Shepard.

Somewhere between all the panels I managed to catch Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale and got them to talk a bit about the staggering amount of time they spent working on the Mass Effect series and their work as both genders of the game’s protagonist.

Who was their favorite romanceable character?  Did they prefer Paragon or Renegade?  What did they think of the ending?  All this and more can be found at the video below.

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