Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 19, 2013

John Riccitiello, CEO For EA, Resigns

Despite all the games and money EA has made over the last few years, the fact remains that the company isn’t exactly doing great. Now while it’s certainly in a better position than, say, THQ, the company is still having to deal with many shortcomings, from the mess with SimCity, to the massive failure of the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic in attracting subscribers. For CEO John Riccitiello, this left him only one option: resign.

On March 30th, the end of the fiscal year for EA, he will be stepping down from his position. In his farewell letter to the employees at EA, Mr. Riccitiello cited that the decision to leave was about a need for accountability in the company, and that he had held himself 100% accountable for the company’s shortcomings in the the previous year. In the end, EA share has lost 60% of its value over the 6 years that Mr. Riccitiello.

Once his resignation is complete EA will go about looking for its new CEO. It’ll be interesting to see what EA does after all this. After all, it was under Mr. Riccitiello that EA picked up Origin as well as numerous developers like PopCap and BioWare.


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