Posted by Chuck Corbin on Mar 5, 2013

Skyrim’s 1.9 Beta Is Available For Download On Steam

Prestige levels are becoming increasingly common in games that feature a leveling system. After all, the idea that you can raise your level to the absolute maximum and reset it from the bottom, all for the challenge and rewards seems to appeal to players who are looking for a little bit more out of their game. It also appeals to developers, because it’s a cheap, easy way to add more replayability to your game.

The latest Skyrim beta, 1.9, has put in a prestige system into the game. What happens is that when a skill is brought up to level 100, you can make it Legendary. This will return it to level 15, returning all perks spent in that tree, and allow that skill to be leveled again. According to Bethesda’s blog, “This effectively removes the overall level cap.”

The only other feature added is a new difficulty setting, aptly named “Legendary” difficulty. If I had to guess, you’ll be needing the extra levels you’ll get from making your skills Legendary if you decide to switch over to the Legendary difficulty! Besides Legendary skills and difficulty, the only other thing that the 1.9 patch will add is a bunch of bug fixes. At this time it’s not known as to when the patch will be released, though it should hopefully be this month.


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