Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 23, 2013

Deep Silver Announces The Commander In Chief Preorder Bonus For Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series of games can be best described in 1 word: insane. Crazy costumes and outlandish weapons have always had a place in the series, and Saints Row IV will be no exception. I just don’t know how anybody will be able to top this preorder bonus that the new publisher Deep Silver has announced.

Perhaps the most sane part of this preorder bonus pack is the special outfit, which is a pretty sweet looking Uncle Sam uniform. However, just as American as Uncle Sam is the Bald Eagle, the symbol of our great country. It only makes sense, then, to have a Bald Eagle jet, called the “Screaming Eagle”, that fires rockets from its talons and even has a “Sonic Scream” attack. It’s a pretty badass piece of machinery.

But even the Screaming Eagle isn’t the craziest part of the pack. Nope, that honor goes to the weapon known simply as “‘Merica”. ‘Merica is single weapon that combines flamethrowers, “ultra-powered dub step guns”, as well as rocket launchers all in one great package. And unlike many different preorder bonuses that tend to be limited to a single chain, this bonus is open for major “freedom-retailers” across North America. Saints Row IV will be coming out on August 20th, 2013 in North and Latin America, and on the 23rd worldwide.


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