Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 16, 2013

Game Accounts Were Not Breached In War Z Hack

When The War Z was attacked earlier this month there wasn’t any clear idea about what systems were compromised. OP Productions issued an update on the situation, and luckily the game accounts themselves were not compromised. The hackers did not appear to get into the account database.

Instead, according to the company the attack was focused on the forums. What had happened was that the attackers were able to access certain administrator accounts because of some previously installed back doors. They were able to access the forum database using these accounts to gain access to the email addresses, encrypted passwords, and IP addresses of the users. After obtaining this information, the attackers deleted the database.

In the end, the attackers weren’t able to gain access to the actual game accounts database based on the simple fact that the game and forum databases are completely separate. With that being said, OP Productions is still encouraging players to change their passwords, especially if they use the same password and email user name for the forum and the game itself. You can read the whole post of their findings here.

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