Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 5, 2013

Jedi Knight II And Jedi Academy Source Code Released As Tribute To LucasArts

Despite the fact that publisher/developer LucasArts wasn’t exactly putting out the greatest quality of work recently (cough Star Wars Kinect cough) it’s still a loss mourned by gamers everywhere. After all, they brought us lots of different games, from TIE Fighter, Escape from Monkey Island, and even the Jedi Knight games. In fact, many people are still playing Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy to this day, and they’re out there making tons of mods for it.

Unfortunately for the modders they’ve had to work without the source code for the games. That’s all changed, however, because Raven, the developer in charge of making those games, has released the source code for anybody to look at and use. You can get the Jedi Knight II source code here, and the Jedi Academy source code here.

Raven released the source code as a “gift to the persistently loyal fanbase of our Jedi games”, as well as to the memory of the company. Keep in mind however that they’re releasing just the source code. You shouldn’t expect any support, or even documentation.


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