Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 25, 2013

Microsoft To Reveal The Next Xbox In May

Sony may have fired the the first salvo of this year’s console war, but now Microsoft is returning fire. That’s because Microsoft is set to officially announce the next Xbox (or Nextbox, if you will) on May 21st. This will be Microsoft’s third console that they’ve developed and released.

The unveil will be happening at 1 PM ET, 10 AM PT. Though there isn’t any details yet about what will exactly be shown, if I had to guess you can expect to see the console’s name and some major features of it. You’ll also likely see a few exclusive games for the console as well.

However, don’t expect to see everything. As Microsoft spokesman Larry Hryb mentioned in a blog post E3 will only be 19 days after the big unveil. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Microsoft to do the same thing that Sony has done, and not even show the console at the unveiling. Instead, I would guess that they’ll wait until E3 to show what the console will look like, and at that point they’ll also show off the full launch lineup of the console, as well as give a more concrete release date.

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