Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 15, 2013

Square Enix Offering Japanese Language Pack To Tomb Raider

When it comes to games these days it’s no longer considered out of the ordinary if a game has multiple language options. After all, the world is a big place, and people all over the world enjoy video games, from the US to South Korea and back to Poland and France. Japan, of course, is a country chock full of gamers, from MMORPGs to casino games (check out this casino website 今すぐ無料登録 offers free registration and free play on your first day), although unfortunately for them if they want to enjoyTomb Raider in Japanese they’re going to have to be prepared to pay a little bit more.

It all has to come down to the language choices Square Enix has offered for the game. Voice and subtitle options are available for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Arabic, with Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, and Portuguese only getting subtitles, but if you may have noticed, there’s no Japanese option. That’s because Square Enix is releasing the game in Japan on April 25th, but they’re charging a $30 premium for the Japanese language.

You read that right: Square Enix will be charging $30 more for the Japanese language for the game. The packaged versions of the game will be about $80, while on Steam players who want the Japanese language will have to first buy the regular game for $50, and then buy the Japanese Language Pack for $30. Unfortunately Square Enix has not given an explanation as to why they’re charging so much for the extra language, other than that it wasn’t one of the original supported languages. However, considering how Square Enix missed their their quarterly expectations despite selling quite a few copies of the game, I’m guessing that they’re just trying to gouge the Japanese market in an attempt to get closer to their projections. I’m absolutely, positively sure that that won’t bite them in the ass before long.


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