Posted by Martin Billany on Apr 26, 2013

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! To Hit App Store In May

Many old school RPG fans may remember Steve Jackson as one of the masterminds behind the Fighting Fantasy series of books. A series spanning dozens of in depth, choose-your-own-adventure style novels, the Fighting Fantasy franchise has seen a recent rebirth on the iPhone and iPad in the form of “Blood Of The Zombies”, a brand new digital incarnation of the old school pen and paper game.

Following on from the success of their newest addition to the series, Steve Jackson has announced a collaboration with Inkle Studios – famous for releasing an interactive adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein to the iStore – in bringing us a new and vastly evolved version of his pet project “Sorcery!” The original books were comprised of four installments, each filled with more challenges and monsters than the last. Together with Inkle Studios, Jackson hopes to update and expand the already expansive collection of single player adventures by retooling the combat, adding even more choices, and letting the player explore a fully realized 3D map of the world of Kakhabad like it’s never been seen before.

The first chapter of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! entitled “The Shamuntanti Hills” will be available on the App Store for purchase on May 2nd, with the second chapter following later this year in the Fall.

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