Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 3, 2013

The War Z Is Down Again, Thanks To Hackers

I hope you weren’t planning on playingThe War Z anytime soon! Publisher OP Productions had to take the game down after it was revealed that the game’s databases and forum were breached. At this time, it’s unknown how deep the intrusion has really gone, though word on the street is that the hackers practically had free run of the systems.

While no payment information was accessed, like credit cards or PayPal accounts, the attackers were able to gain access to user’s email addresses as well as their encrypted passwords, for both the game and the forums, as well as IP addresses. OP Productions is now asking all War Z players to change their passwords as soon as possible, because according to them their “research show that many users are not using strong passwords.” Not to get too technical, but the fact that OP Productions can even tell the general strength of the passwords people use is a bit disconcerting, because it suggests that they’re using inadequate protection to begin with.

Truth be told, though, I can’t say that’s too surprising. The game has been a train wreck from day one, when it was originally taken off of Steam for 2 months due to the fact that the game was not delivering on what the developers had promised. The fact that they’re using sub-par security measures shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.


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