Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 30, 2013

There Might Be A Reason Why You Keep Going Bankrupt In Game Dev Tycoon…

So, you decide to go get a new game, perhaps Game Dev Tycoon. And you notice for the first few hours that everything seems to be going pretty well, right? After a while, though, your sales reports keep coming up that your games are being pirated all over the place, and you end up declaring bankruptcy. Just what kind of game only lets you play for a few hours, only to make it impossible to play?

The kind of game that does that to you is the cracked version of Game Dev Tycoon. The game developers designed a fail-safe that detects if it’s a legitimate copy of the game or not. However, instead of putting up a message about how “pirating is bad” or anything, they decided to give the little pirates a taste of their own medicine, in an attempt to show the effects that pirating a game can do to people.

It’s a bit brilliant, honestly, because when the gamers with the cracked versions of the game go to the forums to complain about how it’s broken, it becomes apparent immediately that they’re not one of the paying customers. Unfortunately, it does also reveal a sobering truth for Game Dev Tycoon: only 6.4% of the players who have the game actually bought it, with the other 3,104 players having downloaded a cracked version of the game. But, I’ll give Green Heart Games this: instead of cracking down and imposing some sort of draconian DRM for their game, they decided to show the pirates just what happens to small developers when a game of theirs is pirated by the vast majority of its fans. So, with that in mind, if there’s a game out there that you want to play, especially an indie game, then do the right thing, and pony up the 8 bucks for it. Or, if you don’t want to pony it up yourself but want to try it out, make your friend do it and play it on their computer before you get it yourself!


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