Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 15, 2013

XCOM Shooter’s YouTube Videos And Site Taken Offline

In 2010 XCOM was announced. Based off of the popular X-COM series from the mid-90’s, this reboot has been a little… divisive. After all, instead of having the gameplay be based on ordering your squad members in turn-based combat, this XCOM was instead going to be a first person shooter, a fact that caused many fans to scream “BETRAYAL“.

Well over the weekend, it was noted that the footage for XCOM has mysteriously disappeared from 2K Game’s YouTube account, and the link for the game, XCOM.com, is now directing people towards the website for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. While it might be easy to jump to the conclusion that 2K Games is quietly cancelling the game, it looks that that’s not the case. Instead, it’s looking more like 2K Games is simply rebranding XCOM.

For one, it appears that the game is being re-tooled for squad-based 3rd person action, though not necessarily turn-based like its predecessors. It’s also been revealed that the parent company for 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive, has purchased four different domains recently referencing “The Bureau” as well as the year 1962, which is the year that XCOM is based in. At this time, it’s unknown if 2K Games intends on marketing XCOM as XCOM: The Bureau, or if they’re going to drop the connection to the X-COM series altogether and just call the game The Bureau.


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