Posted by Marianne Miller on May 21, 2013

Halo Live-Action Series Announced

During today’s Microsoft conference unveiling the Xbox One, Bonnie Ross of 343 Games came onto the stage speaking of innovation, invention, and the role of television in both of those ideals.  She then announced that they would be taking the next step towards bridging the gap between Television and Games by starting up a new live-action Halo series.

The series would include the involvement of 343 Games and Steven Spielberg, who appeared via pre-recorded video to express his excitement to begin work on the series, and his admiration for the depth and interactivity that are exclusive to games that his usual medium is unable to reach.

Obviously, no release date was mentioned as of yet, nor how the series would be distributed.  But one can assume that Xbox One will most likely see early exclusivity.


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