Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 20, 2013

High Definition Final Fantasy VIII Is Coming Soon To PCs In Japan

Way, way back in 1999 I received what I consider to be my first major RPG for Christmas: Final Fantasy VIII. Needless to say, that game blew my 11-year-old mind, and between summoning giant fire monsters and trying to kill the sorceress I found myself wishing that I could have adventures the like that Squall and his crew were having. It was a defining game in my life as a gamer, to say the least.

Well FFVIII fans, you’ll be glad to know that Square Enix is going back to marvelous world, as they’ve announced that they are remaking the game for PC in high definition. As you may recall, they did the same thing last year with FFVII. It should be known, however, that while they did make it “HD” they didn’t update any of the graphics, but rather merely made it capable of being played at 1920×1080. Unfortunately, it’s not known what all they’ll be doing with the game, but for the FFVII version they released last year they did add “Cloud Saves” and unlockable achievements so it’d probably be safe to assume that they’ll be doing something similar to this game as well.

There’s no word yet as to if/when this game might see a Stateside release, as right now it’s only been confirmed in Japan, and right now there is no release date yet either. I’d say though that you can probably expect to see it being sold online through Square Enix by June or July, considering how FFVII took about a month to go from announcement to release. So if you’ve been itching to play through this game again, you don’t have a PS3/PS Vita/PSP, and you lost your original discs, then maybe you ought to pick this up when it does eventually come out!


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