Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 20, 2013

OUYA Will Have A Presence In E3’s… Parking Lot

E3 is perhaps the biggest gaming trade show of the year, with tons of developers all over the world coming to Los Angeles to show off their latest and greatest creations. And because E3 is so awesome, there’s always that the passes for it are always sold out months in advance. Luckily, if you’re out in Los Angeles and are hoping to at least get a scalped pass or something, you won’t be totally out of luck if you can’t get one!

The creators of the OUYA will be at E3 this year, sorta. Instead of renting a booth inside the convention center, they instead opted to go for a parking lot across the street from the Convention Center’s South Hall, where they will be showcasing the OUYA and everything about it. They’ll be in that parking lot for the entirety of the event, from Tuesday 6/11 to Thursday 6/13.

And what’s more, the event is entirely open for anybody, E3 attendees or not. That means if you are somebody who trekked across the country, only to find out your pass was a poorly-made forgery, at least you can do something E3 related while you stare longingly at the convention center. And hey, they’re even providing free food and drinks as well, so you can at least get a decent meal for once!


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