Posted by Chuck Corbin on May 10, 2013

OUYA’s Launch Has Been Delayed

The OUYA is a marvelous concept, because unlike most consoles (which are developed and produced by a single major company) the OUYA got its start on Kickstarter, with its funding coming not from major conglomerations, but rather regular old people. It’s completely open to all game developers, meaning that small start-ups don’t have to worry about ponying up big bucks in order to get a dev kit, or being locked out altogether. However, it’s looking like we’ll have to wait a little longer than we thought to see the OUYA out on store shelves.

Because of an apparent “greater than expected demand”, OUYA’s creators have made the decision to delay the launch of the system to June 25th. The people who backed up the system early should still be getting their systems early as well, because this delay isn’t about any sort of glitch or issue. Instead, it’s all about making sure there are enough units for sale on June 25th, and avoid the kinds of supply issues that plagued the Wii when it was first released.

The delay will also help give the company time to go ahead and make sure that the controllers are up to snuff. Right now older models of the controllers have an issue where buttons can get stuck underneath the faceplate, but the company does have a fix: make the button holes bigger. While the button issue might not have influenced the decision to delay the console, it probably didn’t hurt.


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